Monday, November 25, 2013

Kickin it in Villa Oculta!

Elders Chriss and Bywater playing soccer at the church.  He said every church there has a place to play soccer.

Hello everybody! How are you doing?  

This was a fantastic week, full of great experiences and butt kickin missionary work haha. To start off, wow I´m grateful for a Heavenly Father that he is mindful of us here in Buenos Aires. We have been focusing on finding great new investigators and this week was a week of blessings. But I will get to that soon. Some of the things that I have learned so far about the Argentina culture is that all you need to do is ask how people are doing and start talking to them and if they are not busy they gladly talk back and have a conversation!! This is fantastic, am I right?! I love the people and the culture here.

It is getting hotter here each day and well our fan broke... cursed fans. But in the end the heat isn´t that bad here.  The only danger of the heat is the children in the streets love playing with water, and water balloons tend to fly in the missionaries direction. But my dodging skills are improving. 

The cool thing about being in the villa is that every one knows the missionaries, people yell Elders!! all the time. There is one set of shifty characters that always greet us and yell nuestro amigos!! The other day we were talking to some of our members who live in a little store and as we were talking to them a cop came up to us and said ¨Elders, My name is Hermano ....." I can´t remember.... but he is the Elders quorum President in a stake pretty close to us. haha from the shadiest to the police.  We play around with all the kids and teens, soccer is huge. Afterwards they all know the elders, the weird guys from the USA who Jugar la pelota in a white shirt and tie.
Now here is where the blessings come in. This week we have been meeting with a man named Jose. Jose is an owner of a little store, and is very humble. We found him by looking for someone else and went to the wrong house. After talking to the people there they directed us to his shop and still not the person we were looking for! But as missionaries do we started to talk to him about our message and  he invited us in. We shared the introduction of the BOM with him and he just paused and said ¨This was lost, and now we have it¨ We testified to him of the truthfulness of the book and invited him to be baptized the 8th of December and he accepted! Now in this mission for one to be baptized they must go to church for 3 weeks and its always the hardest thing to get them to church.  I will admit I was nervous, most of all of our other investigators haven´t been coming to church and I was worried about him. But He came!! And he really enjoyed it. He is definitely being prepared. He is such a wonderful guy and I love him to death.
The work is moving in Argentina. Now to all the moms out there that have a missionary some where in the world, just know that though it may be hard at times that your missionaries are doing great, that they are having a blast walking, biking, talking, crying, testifying, enduring, loving, studying and serving. You all are great examples to us and the 2000, stripling warriors were only great for the things that their mothers had taught them!!! From this Misionaro Argentino les amo!!
Hope you all have a nice week
Con Gran Amor 
Elder Taylor Chriss

Playing soccer on PDay at the church.  I love all the black socks!

Home sweet, Argentine, home!

Gotta love bunk beds!

Elder Yorgesen and the kitchen

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