Monday, November 11, 2013

Villa Olculta!!!

Group of visa-waiters on their first day in Argentina in front of the Buenos Aires Temple with President and Sister Ayre
Elder Chriss' last day in LA with President and Sister Weidman.  Hard to say goodbye!

Last Picture taken in LA, the Los Angeles Temple!

First Picture taken in BA, the Buenos Aires Temple!

Well another week and I was able to help others to come unto Christ WOOOT! I´m loving all of the work and this mission. We are working like crazy here in our area. The people here are so ready for the Gospel its ridiculous!  All the time we are finding people to bring closer to the Gospel and to their Savior.

We have an investigator named Emilse right now and she is super cool she has come to church and is really progressing in the Gospel. The cool thing with her is that she lives in a three story villa house. This means millions of people live there so we are inviting every one who passes us to listen to our message and they normally say yes. We have found 5 new investigators just from one of our investigators haha.

I often find myself saying ¨This isn´t Kansas anymore¨ about several things claro. The culture is a new person that I need to get to know. Everything is done in a manner normal Americans would never think to do. Our Pensions are nice and cozy but you will never find carpet in a single building here save maybe the mission presidents home. I MISS CARPET!!! haha. Lots of tile to cover the floor. The language is no where near what I was learning in LA. The people here talk with an Italian accent but Spanish is coming out of there mouths. 

A lot of people say to me ¨Oh your from here right?¨ I guess it's my features that resemble an Argentine.... but when I open my mouth they say no that's a Mexican hah! Also basic words are different here that are completely normal for me are a completely different thing or doesn´t mean any thing at all. Example Piña is pineapple but here it means a punch so when in Argentina never ask for a piña haha.

Laundry is pretty easy, we hand it a lady and we pick it up the next day and its pressed and smells good all for 25 pesos! No bucket and stream for this missionary. The food his is really good. We eat a lot of  empanadas here and this meat called milenasa which is like a country fried steak. In all I love it. We only eat breakfast and lunch, never do they eat dinner. Just a big lunch this is weird. So far no strange foods to note of. We eat a lot with our members which is great!

The mode of transportation here is walking. which isn´t too bad and I don´t want a bike here... the millions of dogs here HATE bikes so I´m good on foot haha!  For our long distance travel we use Coletivo (the bus) and for transfers we use Remis, which is kind of like private taxis that the mission pays for. Unfortunately we are not able to go to the temple unless we go with a recent convert we baptized.

I love my ward its full of great people! It's called Parque Villaneda. There are about 140 active members in our ward and all the rooms are full. There are 4 companionships in our ward all of which are district leaders except us.

Elephante Blanco
My area its pretty Ghetto but there is one dominating feature to it, an old Hospital known a Elephante Blanco. This is the scariest building I have ever seen. It was a hospital in the making when all of the neighborhood homeless decided to make it there's.... yeah that's right the hobos invaded a giant old hospital. We as missionaries can´t go in there unless we have a reason and a male member to go with us haha. This city is just full of crazy places that you never know when you will find.

This is the longest email I have sent but there is a lot to talk about when I talk about Argentina. 

As for things I need here is American stuff candy, food, carpet what ever you can send. Also we only get mail once a transfer here, because its hard to get to the mission office and there are no cars.

Every thing is great down here in land down south! Hope you all are doing well. Send me pictures I love to see them all.
Con Gran Amor
Este Capo
Elder Chriss

P.s I´m sitting in the cyber cafe right know with Elder Engebretsen and Hankins haha small world!!!

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