Monday, November 18, 2013

The life a missionary in a nutshell... for this week!

Elder Chriss with sweet Sister Costa at the Jeffrey R. Holland Devotional. She sought him out, gave him a hardy handshake from his mom, and gave him American candy! Doesn't get much better than that!

The Villas Zone!
Another week in paradise! 

Well we have been getting work done here in Villa Oculta, We have been revamping our investigators and working to find new people to teach. I love it here so much!  We walk down the alleys (there are no streets) and always some one says Elders!!! We are pretty well known in the Villa. 

One of the things that I have learned about this mission is that we NEVER knock doors. Not that we can´t it's just that it's not effective, not only in the sense that we are trying random people, but that no one is ever home. Always the people are outside in the alleys talking and enjoying life. So we just do as D&C says and we open our mouths. Atheists are very rare here so when we say we would like to talk about god they all accept. Now it's not to easy so get them as investigators but there is a lot of potential here in the villa. The people are humble and we are here with a message for them. 

Wow! Almost 900 Missionaries in one place!
This weekend we had the wonderful pleasure of having a special missionary meeting. In this meeting we had all three Buenos Aires missions and the MTC, so in total about 900 missionaries all together. Now why would we all be getting together in one place? For Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve!!! All I have to say is that I heard a talk that has thus far changed my mission. 

He started of his talk by saying ¨The whole purpose of my talk to day and the message that I would like to share is centered on one thing that may take a while to describe, and that is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH¨ Talk about a super spiritual upliftment. To be told by a Apostle of Christ with passion that he loves us! Several things I got from this talk were, I am to never forget the things that I have learned here EVER. This mission is not only for 18 to 24 months, it's for us to have for eternity. Another thing he talked about was obedience. Now he didn´t go too much on this point because he knows that if we know who we are (as a missionary/a child of god) we won´t need talks on obedience. 

As he closed I felt the spirit more strongly than I have ever in my entire life, He talked about us missionaries and the unique tie we have with the Atonement. Never has there ever been and easy mission!  But because there hasn´t been a easy mission we have great company as we go through those hard times. For us and our investigators the path to Salvation always goes through Gethsemane. In all honesty before my mission I didn´t understand the the Atonement, now i can't imagine my life with out it. The Knowledge that I have of my Savior and his sacrifice makes me want to do every thing I can to honor him and to serve him. In life there are hard times. On missions there are grand trials, but all of us must bear the small crosses in life for us to  remember the Big Cross of our Savior.

I want to bear my testimony That I know my Savior Lives! That he is our leader and our Captain. That he is mindful of us and our trials. I don´t know why things happen in life but I do know that my Savior knows me and what I need. I know that I am here on a mission to share the wonder blessings that I have found, of a Savior who loves his people, of a Church that he has restored, through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is my favorite book because it brings me closer to my Savior. I know that families can be together for ever. I know that God has blessed me in my life. And now I must help others find those blessings too. When God is weaving the tapestry of our lives all we can see is the dark threads of bottom all we need to do is wait until he shows us the other side and know what the dark threads were necessary.

I love you all so much! I´m so happy here and I know this is the work of my Heavenly Father. Keep strong and remember that Elder Chriss is praying for you!! haha until next week.
Con Amor
Elder Taylor Chriss

Elder Chriss and his companion at the Elder Holland Devotional

Not quite sure why the are on the train tracks!

Elder Chriss is in heaven! They have BK Stackers in Buenos Aires!!!

He knows I just love to see that beautiful face!

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