Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Que Bueno el Aire Aca!

Elder Engebretsen, Elder Hankins, and Elder Chriss, MTC District back together again!

Well here I am sitting in an internet cafe emailing home from Buenos Aires Argentina! What a week it has been! haha.

To start off my time here I was placed in an area with two zone leaders in Linears Zone. We were serving in Parque Brown ward. Our area covers a area known as a Villa. To pronous as an Argentine, you say it like this. V-ee-sh-a. These areas are the most poor parts of the city and are sooo crazy. It's like a city or a village was built with no plans and brick and putty and when they had no space they just went up. There are thousands of people here and all ready for the Gospel. We talk with people all the time and have lessons after lessons.

One week in Argentina and he has already doubled his amount of baptisms!
So far I have doubled my baptisms in my one week here! That's right we had a baptism here in Buenos Aires. The people here are ready for the Gospel.

 It is wonderful because I have Elder Hankins in my zone, I saw Elder Engebretsen at a missionary farewell, and Elder Willams at transfers this morning. The whole gang is back together in Argentina! I actually went on Divisions with Elder Hankins yesterday and got work done.

But here comes some more news..... I´m training! That's right 7 days in Argentina and I will be training. I´m a little worried, but I know everything will be great. I´m staying in my zone but moving to another villa. My new comp has been here for a transfer so i will be finishing his training. His name is Elder Yorgesen and he is super tall so there is not a worry about danger with him a round. He is from Idaho Falls and he is a capo!! Capo means stud and they use it a lot here.

President is putting a lot on my shoulders this transfer but I know that the Lord will help where I lack even if I lack a lot.

I love this mission and I plan on working until I drop. I am going to do everything that I can to help these people. I love every one of them! I only have this chance once in my life.There is no time to slack off.

I promise you all that I am doing well and that the work is blossoming here in the first mission in South America. Ask questions I´m not the best of thinking of things to talk about!  I am still figuring out a bunch of things so be patient with me, haha

I really hope you are all doing well. This is so awesome to be on a different continent!

Viva Argentina y la obra del un Salvador Viviente!
Con Re amor
Elder Chriss

I am told the Chriss family are now BOCA fans!
Famous Buenos Aires Obilisk

This is where he serves!

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