Monday, May 20, 2013

LA Thug life!

CTR ring given to Elder Chriss by a departing Missionary!
     Hey every one it's your favorite Elder!
  I am doing great! Of coarse its Pday and that is always a wonderful day. We had a super week and my mind is still racing. The weather is pretty average here. Hot one day and cool the next, nothing special.
  Our day is pretty packed but we always start off with a morning run and 3 hours of studying. Followed by lunch.  After lunch we head out and do all the fun stuff missionaries do Tract, Bike, and Teach. We always end the day in a planning session for the next day and then out nap.
   Every Sunday we eat with the family Camachos. They are from Peru and LOVE THE missionaries, they are kind and they are one of the only families who don't feed us tortillas haha.
   The best part of the week is whenever we have a member present lesson, these lessons are the greatest. First it is difficult to get a lesson in LA and second trying to find a member who isn't working. As Elder Hankins once said "Everything worth doing is never easy." The worst part of the week is when people cancel the lessons. The things we teach are so important nothing worth canceling.
    So far we have two investigators, Marlow and Enrique. Both are wonderful people, Enrique had brain cancer and lost most of his memories after the surgery. It is just a miracle that he is still alive. He is super smart and for the longest time was more interested in the information of the church rather than the blessings. The other day he just felt the spirit and every thing moved into place. He will be baptized the 9th of June.
   We had a super cool experience to meet and have a devotional with Elder Cook of the 12. I got to shake the mans hand.... wooooot. He talked a lot about member help in the mission and how to stay strong in the work.
  Also, that day I heard that Elder Engebrtson got his visa to Argentina!!! So happy for him, also that means that the work is moving along.
  I loved my package that mom sent me and I adore the goodies. The thing I love the most about being a missionary is being with the people,the members, the investigators, even the people who slam the door. All of the people are different and so awesome. I am stoked for all the times and experiences I have to come. The only thing I need is I can't find my camera charger and I'm running low. The camera is a canon power shot. Other than that I miss you all so much and I will keep in contact and stay safe.

I know this church is true!
LOVE, Elder Chriss

Following are pictures of Elder Chriss' luxury accommodations and his main source of transportation!

The Los Angeles Mission had a special devotional with Elder Cook.  
It was great to shake the hand of an Apostle of God!

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