Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

Today was the day I have been waiting for for quite a while.  We got to speak with Elder Chriss on the phone.  Unfortunately, he couldn't skype because he would have had to go a member's house and nobody in his ward really has skype.  But we didn't care!  It was just wonderful to hear his voice.  We got to talk to him for almost an hour and a half.

It was so fun to have our little family in the living room gathered around the phone laughing and joking.  It was like old times!  He sounds so great and is really, really, happy.  He still has no idea when his visa will come.  But it most likely won't come this transfer.  But he is happy where he is and loves it!

I tried to fill him in on everthing going on at home and update him on all of his missionary friends.  He love hearing where they are all are and what they are doing.

He is not fond of waking up early.  Face it, Taylor Chriss will never be a morning person.  Nor does he love the mandatory run that they have to do each morning.  He mentioned that he loved his naps.  We didn't realize he time to nap and he said that sleeping at night is more like a nap rather than a sleep. 

He is still riding a bike.  He and his companion ride everywhere.  I asked him if he was losing weight because of all of the riding and he said no because the members feed him so much food.   He loves his companion, Elder Marin.  I got in trouble for pronouncing it incorrectly!  

It made me feel good that he feels safe in his area.  There are red areas in all of the zones and luckily he is not in one of them. 

The time went far too quickly.  If I could just talk to him once a month I think I could make it through these next 21 months.  But I will get to talk to him when he leaves for Argentina and then Christmas is right around the corner, right?

Below are pictures of how my two sons are spending their Mother's Day.  The first is Elder Chriss with is zone at zone conference and second is Corporal Crane with the Marines somewhere in Afghanistan.  Just a little different wouldn't you say? I am so proud of both of them!

Happy Mother's Day to all you missionary and military moms out there!  I hope you feel as blessed as I do!

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