Monday, May 13, 2013

LA. . . One Crazy City!


   Hey all I don't have to much to say this week we had a lot of meetings and ward events. 

    This week was zone conference.  The theme was "C the Change". They wanted missionaries to think about ways they could change as well as ways the mission will and should change.  Sister Mayorga led off with a review of energy drinks (no!) and green vegetables (yes!).  Elder Kelley showed videos on bike safety and intersection safety.  President Baker introduced our topic by talking about how missionaries should show support for their new Mission President.  He also reviewed a talk by Tad Callister on Consecrated missionaries.  Elder Callister said there were 5 things they should lay on the altar of sacrifice:  disobedience, fear, romantic passions, pride, and negativism.
Sister Baker talked about the Character of Christ.  She focused how much our Savior loves us and how he wants to forgive us.  She used the parable of the Loving Father (prodigal son) as one example and the story of Abigail in 1 Samuel 25 as another.  We then had two break-out sessions:  The Assistants taught Change (Repentance) as it applies to missionaries and investigators and our new Sister Training Leaders taught Cordially Invited to teach missionaries how to help people getting baptized invite all their friends and family to their baptism. 
    All I know is that I am so happy to be serving in Los Angeles! The people are tough but that doesn't stop us. For the most part the area is safe and so is the food. One thing I have learned is that there isn't a meal here with out tortillas. Every meal with members is has tortillas. I love the members so much!  They talk a lot but I don't know what they are saying, but I'm slowly getting it. 
    All I know is that I need to follow the spirit and testify. Spanish may be hard but that is easy. I got a new ring from a departing missionary. It's a big CTR ring and its pretty sweet I've got to say. 
Yet again not much to say. Shoot me questions and I would love to answer them. 
My spiritual Dulce (candy) for the week is simple, Read the scriptures! I have gained a testimony of personal study more than anything. When you are in a lesson and your investigators are having some serious questions there is always a scripture to help. But the only way to know where to go is to read and study and be prepared. 
    I testify that i know the church is true. I have personal testimony on my mind and if the B.O.M is true then Joseph Smith was a prophet, and if he was a prophet, then the church he restored is the true church. Love you all and i will speak to y'all next week. Love
Elder Chriss

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