Monday, January 6, 2014

First week of the New Year!

Christmas morning in Buenos Aires!
Woooh 2014, Happy New Year everyone!!!! Man it feels so weird to think that another year has passed. In my opinion The best part of New Years is the opportunity we have to look back at what happened in the year and contrast of how we were and how we are now. Now I know that I have changed quite a bit, but I know that we all change. So fun activity for you all is think one year ago what you were like and the changes that you have made!!! And only think of the positive changes no need to be thinking triste (Sad). For me I know with out a doubt that I wouldn´t have been able to do the things I do now, one year ago. Spanish first of all is a pretty big example.... I didn´t even speak it a year ago. But also I really didn´t fully contemplate the gravity and specialty of the Restored Gospel. I truly love this gospel and am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who helps us through its message!!!
Now to start off this year I think that we had some pretty good miracles this week!!!  First off, Me and my companion have broken our record for lessons with a member present with a weekly number of 26 lessons. Then you add on our 12 other lessons and we are up to 38 lessons taught this week! We are so grateful for this chance that we had to teach so many people!

Also with our extra push this week on getting out and teaching we have been blessed a lot. One blessing in particular is an investigator named Marcela. We have been teaching her for several weeks now and she is just wonderful. Her son is a Recent convert and has a downs syndrome. Now she has a super desire to be baptized and there is nothing in her way of getting there. When we brought up the Law of Chastity she told the man she was living with that he needed to live in a different house, and when she was taught the Word of Wisdom she decided instantly that she needed to stop smoking. We are planning her baptism for this upcoming Sunday.

Now as we were in Church this Sunday, José came to us and told us that he wanted to talk to the Bishop. S o after the Meetings we had him have and interview with Bishop Cano. After the Interview Bishop came out and said that Jose will be getting baptized this next Sunday!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HIM. We gave him a blessing also for his health, and I know that every thing is possible with the Lord.

I am getting better from my random Argentino sickness, still skinny as a corn stock. But one thing that will never change about me is that I love my mission!!! I´m so glad to be here in this area I know that the Lord is preparing people for this message and it's our job to find them! I know my Savior lives that he guides the church and through his teachings we can find true and everlasting Joy.
I hope you all are doing great, Let me know how y'all are doing!!

See you all next week!
Con un Corazon Lleno de Amor
Elder Taylor Chriss
Elder Chriss at the mission Christmas Party!  Hooray for new socks!

The best Juice in the world in many different Varieties

Elder Stout at the Internet café!

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