Monday, January 13, 2014

How Great Shall be Your Joy (D&C 18)

Elder Stout, Jose and proud Elder Chriss!
Wow This has been a great week! And I´m saying one of the best weeks of my mission! Let's just say I am so happy right now and so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission!!! 

Now as the familiar song goes "I do believe in Miracles". This was a week of miracles and I´m super spiritually pumped. Now the good news is that José got Baptized!!! We are so excited for him and he is so happy with his decision. We had a longer road to the water than normal but in the end it was all worth it.
So we got José baptized.  But unfortunately, Marcela got really sick and was in the Hospital this Sunday and wasn´t able to make it to her baptism. We have rescheduled for the next week. 

But to get us to yesterday, me and my companion worked especially hard, to contact José every day. This last Wednesday we passed by him and he was feeling really sick and a bad pain in his legs. We shared a scripture with him and he didn´t really pay attention because of how he felt. So we decided to pray, he asked if i would offer it. So I prayed that he could feel relief from his pain that he would be able to make it to his baptism. After I had finished my prayer, he just sat there. After a good 2 minutes of silence, he got up and said that the pain in his legs were gone! It was so cool and exactly what he needed and he just got more and more excited for his baptism.
We had another good week on lessons and finding new people. I´m just so happy right now! 

Yesterday afternoon we visited Jose and he was so grateful and shared a scripture he found in the Bom that he liked in 3 Nephi, then he told us how he is the lost sheep in the 100. Man I´m so proud of him. After we got him all wet he told me that next was his son, then his wife and then his other son, next to be baptized. Ahhhh he is so great!   

Other than that it was a very Tranquilo semana. I am so excited to be a missionary, so excited to be in Argentina, and so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who is guiding us in this work. My scripture of the week is D&C 18 10, 13-16 I just love it so much.

I hope you are all doing well!  Let me know whats up in the neighborhood.

With lots of love
Elder Taylor Chriss

Elefante Blanco!

The Villas!  Taylor loves it here!

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