Monday, January 20, 2014

Week of Miracles!

I have to say, that this was a great week! Come to think about it I´m pretty sure I have said that at the beginning of most of my emails... but that's okay because its still true. A GREAT WEEK!

To start off the week we of coarse got some more Argentino Ice Cream. Just to let you all know, the Ice Cream here is the best stuff in the whole world. You can buy a whole Kilo of ice cream for about 15 dollars U.S, But me and my comp, buy ourselves a kilo each. So yeah a great start to the week.

So here are the highlights to said Great week. First off Marcela was Baptized!!! We had a wonderful service and everything went well. She is feeling a lot better and we are Super spiritually pumped!! 

Now I´m not sure if i have told you about Tommy her son. Tommy is a capo! He is 10 years old and has a learning disability that has pushed his progression back to about 6 years old. He is really great and Is our friend. Tommy was baptized last year, and his mom wasn´t. Tommy was at a members house when we went to visit. The family told us to go and teach his mom so we ran over there and taught her the Gospel. Through this experience I have seen the blessings of members and missionaries working together. Now Marcela and her Son Tommy are members and are going strong.

Another thing this week is that we had president Ayre go out with us in our Area for the day, This was super cool. We took him through our villa and just taught many people with him there. The best part was that we would teach the people and after he would bear his testimony and the spirit hit them so strong. He really enjoyed his time with us in our area. Jose got a kick out of it that Pres. Ayre visited him. It was so much fun to go out with him.

Jose is doing great, he got confirmed yesterday, and he has been going out with us to several lessons. He has such a strong testimony of the BoM and of the Restored gospel. He said the coolest thing the other day to a lady who said that the church is just another branch of the Catholic Church. He said "It's not a branch of the church because it has the BoM and Prophets. What part of the Church has those?" Then he bore his testimony of the BoM. I´m so happy for him, he has truly found true joy in the Gospel.

Now it's Monday again so that means its time for more ice cream!

Love you all so much!  Hope to hear from you. You can yell if you want but I´m not sure if  I´ll hear it, so safer to send an email!

Love you tons!
Elder Taylor Chriss

His new shirt.  He is becoming quite the futbol fan!

Another lovely picture of his area!

Lunch with the Elders from the Parque Avellaneda Oeste Ward

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