Tuesday, October 1, 2013


   Well some big news.... I'm going to have a son!!!! Well a missionary son.... That's right Elder Chriss is going to be training a new missionary!!! Whoo I'm so excited it's ridiculous! And Today I found out that I am going to be staying in my current area!!! I'm stoked just because I've never stayed in an area before!!! Elder Palomino is going down to my old area of Cimmaron. I'm sad to be leaving my awesome comp but i know that he will do great.

  This week has been kind of a blur really ever since I learned that I will be training I've been a bit...well crazy, but that's okay  We have been really working with our members to strengthen them before we have them help us with our lessons. We have been enjoying the time with our members this week. And its great to see how much the gospel has blessed their lives. We have been enjoying all the food that have been preparing for us to. Bonus!!!

  Our English class is getting a lot bigger and our ward is getting some good investigators from the program. We had 10 people come to our intermediate class on Saturday and about 14 in the Beginner class. We are loving the classes and they are getting better and better. I think I will have to take over the Class for Elder Palomino, so we will see how things go.

  This Saturday we had a special Zone conference, where we got to have a training from Elder Richards of the Seventy. It was so cool to be getting help from a Seventy and to hear all of his advice to become better as missionaries. 
  A really cool thing that he talked about and my spiritual thought for today is the "Four Essential Truths" First is Faith in Jesus Christ. We must have this truth firm in our souls before we act on anything else in the gospel. Second The first Vision, We need to KNOW that it did happen and the significance of that! Third The Book of Mormon, This is the most true book of any other book and the keystone of our religion, read it, ponder it, Pray!! And finally The Priesthood, This is the power and authority of our loving Heavenly Father and it is back on the Earth to bless and strengthen his children. These are the things we need to build our testimony on. If you have trouble with any of these things work on them first, study them and engrave them on your heart. because they are essential to a firm foundation.

  I love you all and will keep you updated on the goings on here in LA.

  Elder Chriss

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