Monday, October 7, 2013

Conferencia General!

Well, what a good week! Am I right?  I have a new comp his name is Elder Knight from Altamont UT.  He is freakin awesome and I'm so lucky to have him as my companion. He is fresh from the Mexico City MTC. His Spanish is good and has the desire to serve, which I love.
To tell you the truth I am super tired. My brain is super over loaded I have had like 5 meetings in the past 4 days... whoof.  I have had the pleasure of getting training to be a trainer, to be a better missionary, how to start the mission with E. Knight, The 12 week program the following day, a VC training with E. Knight., District meeting, and then two straight days of conference. Don't get me wrong I love every meeting that I've had.  It's just a lot to take in at once. I have plenty of material for my spiritual thought now haha. 
My district this transfer is HUGE, there are like 20 missionaries in it. That's just weird having so many!  I'm very glad to still have Elder Miller as my district leader!  He is definitely going to help me with this whole training thing.
I'm also now the intermediate teacher for LA English. I'm excited for the chance to help, and I'm going to definitely depend on my Heavenly Father for this one as well. The Classes are going well and we have several referrals from it. We are combined with the Korean Elders as well so our building is always full of people trying to learn English. It's great. We even have a person from Armenia in our advanced class. Elder Miller loves it.

If I have a best of the week it would definitely be getting my first kid, Elder Knight. I'm so grateful for the chance to help some one else adjust to the mission life. Worst of the week was on Friday getting two packages from my lovely mom in the mail.... oh wait that is not bad at all! LOVE YOU MOM!!! 
This week was conference and what a blessing that was. I love watching Conference as a missionary! It truly is revelation from a loving Heavenly Father for me and my area. For me its really hard to choose just one favorite. Utchdorf for one was a favorite. And one that really touched the soul was Elder Holland's Talk. Each talk though was a beautiful and taught me something different. The big focus in my eyes was the Family. This means a lot because out here I see a lot of broken families both in and out of the church and it makes me sad when there is nothing I can do. I work as much as I can to teach them the gospel so that they can start to mend the wounds in the family. My job isn't baptisms it's helping to forge a forever family for as many people as I can!! 
I love you all so much and I'm here to let you know that the Church is true that there is a prophet here to guide us in these latter days. I know that Joseph smith saw God the father and his son Jesus Christ. 
Love you so much and hope to hear from you soon!

Con Gran Amor
   Elder Chriss

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