Monday, October 14, 2013

"Don't cry for me Argentina, I'll be there next MONTH!!!"

I think this picture speaks for itself!

Well after 7 and a half months here in the grand city of Los Angeles, I, Elder Chriss have gotten my visa!!! I will be getting on a plane for Buenos Aires the 28th of October I'm so excited and ready for the move down south. 
Now to tell you the truth I'm a little sad about leaving here, my kid, and all my friends. But I am heading to the land where I was called. 

President Weidman called this past Thursday and asked, "Elder Chriss are you ready to go to Argentina?" and as he said these words I was really confused. When I saw the contact saying President Weidman I thought "Crap what have I done wrong?" then I thought "Nothing, that I can think of" so My visa was the last thing that I thought of. But it came to pass and now I'm preparing.

Other than that announcement it was a great week, this week was Stake Conference! I loved the whole thing. An Area seventy was there and he was super focusing on missionary work. It was so cool, President Weidman also spoke on the missionaries and the work that we are doing. It was really neat to see the work continue. This is one of the oldest stakes in the church and we are going to continue to be strong in the work. We have a wonderful Stake president who really cares about this stake. He told us that he can see 5 stakes in our stake. and we as members can make that happen.

I'm loving this work I'm going to keep working my butt off until I leave. 
Now I'm thinking it has been awhile since I bore my testimony to y'all in Spanish so here I go: Yo se que este Iglesia es verdedero, y de todos los cosas en este iglesia son de Dios, Yo Se que Dios es nuestro padre y de que es eschucando a sus hijos. Amo este obra y todo los cosas yo hago cada dia. Yo testifico que JesuCristo Vive! El es me Salvador y redentor. Les amo y hasta el proximo semana.

Love you all and God speed!!!

 Elder Chriss
Elder Chriss and Elder Swalger

Elder Chriss and his new kid, Elder Knight

The Griffith Zone after Zone Conference

Happy Birthday Elder Miller!  I love the little girl's faces in the background!

These are good friends of Elder Chriss from good old Oly High!

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