Monday, January 12, 2015

Never let any one distract you from your divine potential!

Elder Chriss and Elder Goff
We are Children of God and I'm so grateful for that knowledge and it makes me feel great to help others see their potential as God's children. 

This week was actually pretty difficult, But I loved it anyways haha. I have seen that when I get comfortable and all is going well, something happens and life gets a little bit more challenging. But how else am I going to learn?

So this week we worked a lot and talked with tons of people. I can't keep track of how many Maria's that I met this week haha. But in the end we were unable to find people who have true desire to change. The ward is truly growing and it is awesome to be here during this time. I am seeing a lot of blessing as the ward and the missionaries unite. 

This Sunday I was asked to teach Gospel Principles because the teacher was on vacation. The subject was our Eternal Family. It talked about how special we are and how great is our family. God is our Father and each and every one of us are brothers and sisters. It gives me so much more power to my purpose as a missionary to help all the people I can, they are my brothers and sisters. And I must treat each and every person as such. 
Several things happened this week and strengthened my testimony of prayer, of how he is there and that we are never alone. It is free and our Father will always be there to strengthen us.
I'm sorry that this is a short letter but I hope you know that I care for each and every one of you . You're are the greatest
Elder Taylor Michael Chriss

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