Monday, December 9, 2013

Last week of transfers!!!

Wow its weird, this transfer has flown!!! We have had a great week here in Villa Oculta! I have seen major improvement in our area and in our companionship. We worked like crazy this week. The time in the mission really does fly, definitely when you have things to do each day.

We taught 18 member present lessons this week!!! That is the highest that we have ever gotten. We are really working on finding new investigators to teach. We found several new people this week but there is always more room in the teaching pool. Elder Yorgesen and I are dedicated to working hard and being obedient. And we are definitely seeing the blessings.

Unfortunately Jose didn´t get baptized this week, we are bummed about that.  He just needs to get baptized!!! He is super legit, he is reading the BOM and D&C, and has no problems with any of the commandments. He has given up coffee, tea and beer he is praying all the time and he comes to church all the time. We are working really hard to help him get the answer for himself that baptism is the thing he needs to do right know. He is so awesome and he is so ready for baptism I know it! 

This week several of our other investigators kinda disappeared and we have no idea where they went. I went on splits with my district leader this week, His name is Elder YaƱez and is from Santiago, Chile. he is a great missionary and we had a great time, He is an awesome example of teaching powerfully and simply.

This upcoming week we have interviews with President Ayre, which is super exciting. Maybe we can get a fan for our pension!!! 

Right now in BA Argentina it is a million humid degrees and the air is full of mosquitos. It isn´t that bad, just a little uncomfortable.

Now the problem is that people are putting up Christmas lights on their houses in the villa.... its not Christmas weather!!!! Have you ever listened to Silent Night or Feliz Navidad when you are sweating, it just doesn´t feel right.
Spiritual thought of the week. and we will go to the scriptures for this one, now if you will are turn to Mosiah 24: 14-15.... I'll wait... okay now in this scripture it talks about Alma and his people and how they were put into servitude and their masters where working them super hard. They all prayed to the lord for help, then the masters all said ¨no Praying¨ So they continued in the hearts. Now they wanted help and the lord gave them comfort and eased their burdens. Now the lord could of just smote all of the bad guys and the day would of been won, but some time we go through the things we go through so that we can remember that we still have a wonderful father in heaven that hears our prayers and will comfort us and ease our burdens. I love you all so much next time I email it might be in a new area or with a new comp we will have to see!!!
Love you lots!
Elder Chriss

Elder Chriss and Elder Engebretsen at the internet cafe!

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